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Faith Promise Mission

Outreach Opportunities

Outreach Opportunities

We partner with missionaries around the world and right across the street to awaken more passionate Christ followers!


Outreach Opportunities

Outreach Opportunities

Outreach Opportunities

We want to help you get connected to serve our community!

Faith Promise Missions

Local (Jerusalem)

International (Ends of the Earth)

National (Judea & Samaria)


Colbert Caring Center

Meals on Wheels

Oscar Butler Scholarship

Wesley Foundation


National (Judea & Samaria)

International (Ends of the Earth)

National (Judea & Samaria)


Decatur Disaster Warehouse

UMCOR – Sager Brown  

Camp Sumatanga

UMCOR – National Disaster Relief


Restoration Ranch

Upper Sand Mountain Parish

Sasser’s – Campus Crusade for Christ

Love Packages

International (Ends of the Earth)

International (Ends of the Earth)

International (Ends of the Earth)



Barrett – Frontiers

Williams – Hungary

Timis – Romania

Hack - Romania

Chojnacki – Poland

Howard – Spain/North Aftrica

Gonzalez - Camp L’Arcada - Spain

Gonzalez, Salary - Spain

Creel – Far East Broadcasting

Missions of Mercy – Guatemala

Murphree - Honduras

Guzman – Mexico

Wiegerts - Peru

Weldon - Nepal

UMCOR – International Disaster

Manville – Wycliffe – Nigeria 

NA Nigeria Partnership

Get connected

We would love for you to join us as we partner with these mission partners across the street and around the world.

Outreach Opportunities

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief


Take time to pray for the leaders, doctors, nurses, emergency responders and patients affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  Pray that needed supplies will be available where most needed and for all businesses and individuals who are facing difficult financial hardships.  Also, remember our missionary partners as they too are having to make adjustments in their respective mission fields.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief


 Here's how you can help!

  • Purchase supplies of Tornado Budgets.  You can go to the Disaster Warehouse webpage  (https://umdisasterwarehouse.com/most-needed-items-2/) for a complete list of items. Consider having the supplies shipped to the warehouse.
  • Volunteer – We are working with the Warehouse to set up a times when small groups of volunteers can help at the Warehouse.  Also, those who have been trained in disaster response and those interested in help, will have opportunities to help.  Let Rudy know if you are interested in either of these.
  • Give.  You can give through the church to Disaster Relief.  We will be sending our Faith Promise money that is budget for Disaster Relief. You can give from your phone or here on the website to the Disaster Relief Fund.